At the feeling nausea in the morning back of the hill

Teddy roosevelt, strongly disapproving man of a dutch calvinist bent (that creed being a dominant cultural inheritance among descendants of feeling nausea in the morning the new amsterdam dutch), and a distant relative of this blogger, backed restrictive laws on alcohol, as part of his love of law and order. Which, more or less, brought about new york’s once strictly enforced rule that a meal had to feeling nausea in the morning be available to the booze hound. Hence bizarre "sandwiches" in bars.

A quote from an atlas obscura article about all that: " new york city at the time was home to some feeling nausea in the morning 8,000 saloons. The seediest among them were “dimly lit, foul-smelling, rickety-chaired, stale-beer dives” that catered to “vagrants, shipless sailors, incompetent thieves, [and] aging streetwalkers,” richard zacks writes in island of vice, his book-length account of roosevelt’s reform campaign."

I’m not sure about all the details — the wrangling between the grim puritan dillwads and realistic people feeling nausea in the morning continued for decades, with many strange turns and codicils — but the result was a ‘sandwich’ that could be recycled for each drinker. Okay, you’ve seen the ‘sandwich’ and rejected it, now we’ll let someone else look at the ‘sandwich’.

The typical sandwich in the united states, although sometimes (rarely) a masterpiece of culinary artistry, is far too often a frightful composite of miserable greasy feeling nausea in the morning "sandwich meats" (including corn-derivative chemicals and sundry wet substances) on spongy bread (it’s wondrous!) with scant condiment, and a repulsive layer of nasty limp buggery lettuce.

POST SCRIPTUM: the crusade against lettuce© is planning to have himself a decent lunch today, after eating crap at work over the weekend. Don’t know what yet, probably at a ‘tea-restaurant’ (茶餐廳 ‘ chaa chan teng’) in chinatown. Something with gobs of animal protein, a pile of rice, chili sauce, and a caffeinated beverage. No buggery lettuce.

Rice cooked in a small clay casserole (砂煲 ‘ saa pou’) so that it will have a crackly browned, sometimes even burnt, layer where the rice stuck to the clay. In the finishing stage fragrant and often somewhat salty ingredients feeling nausea in the morning are layered on top to perfume the rice and cook feeling nausea in the morning along, frequently including dried stuff, preserved meats (fragrance!) and salt-pickled vegetables. When the lid is lifted, a sweetened soy sauce is drizzled around the hot edges feeling nausea in the morning for a further burst of steam, which also loosens the crackly part, which is one of the most appreciated parts of the feeling nausea in the morning dish. It is comforting, tasty, filling, and altogether echoes home town good things.

One can tell from what the customers have in front feeling nausea in the morning of them what kind of people they are. That table with the sauteed vegetables and meats are three feeling nausea in the morning gentlemen having lunch together, but they need to be back at work soon. Those two claypots and a serving dish over there? Those old ladies are having a long relaxed meal. The table with the two young men, one plate of fried rice one plate of fried noodles, represents american born college students, sadly not able to read what’s on the wall. This nearby table with nothing except a teapot for a feeling nausea in the morning man, a woman, and an adolescent girl with braces? Well, they are happy and relaxed, and there is no evidence that they already ate. So they must be waiting for fabulous claypots.

Which, I suspect, is much like spam bots visiting my blog and trying feeling nausea in the morning to seed the comments field. The second part of their programming would be, after a suitable interval, to scour the internet for the exact phrase they tried feeling nausea in the morning to post, complete with misspellings and wrong characters. Then mark that comment field in their head as ‘promising’. Let’s see if we can put viagra or real-estate ads there. Later variations of that comment would be modified, to escape detection by microsoft and google, which compile lists of the seeds they plant, but would still be a recognizable form of the original.

Stating that the post ‘my letterbox’ has shared important knowledge and all the other readers are feeling nausea in the morning contributing valuable insights in the comment string, when there is, in fact, zip diddly there, is ridiculous. Asking that I write more on the subject of ‘my letterbox’ because, somehow, it seems a little lacking in detail is also transparent, as is praise for how nicely ‘my letterbox is written. Informing me that the embedded pictures and videos are extremely feeling nausea in the morning informative? It’s ‘my letterbox’, there are no pictures and videos there. Telling me that everything is loading slow? Yeah, no.